Re: Overdue Accounts

 In recent times, there has been a marked increase in overdue or unpaid accounts.

 In order for our small business to survive and continue to offer the same level of service and an increased range of products at a competitive price, it is vital that accounts are settled in a timely manner.

From 1st of June 2014, deliveries to customers whose accounts are more than 14 days overdue (payment is due on all accounts 7 days from invoice date) may be suspended without notice.  This decision is being forced on us by banks tightening their rules and our major suppliers and their requirement for payment ‘up front’ or within 7 days (no extensions).

 We value your business and hope that the above decision does not have to be enforced, but as we are an unsecured creditor we must insist on regular account settlement.

 For the many customers who pay promptly and on a regular basis, we thank you for keeping us going.

 We do understand the difficulties that confront businesses these days but in the end it is imperative for us to receive regular payment to continue our service

 For those customers wishing to use Credit cards, payments can be accepted by contacting us on 4098 5790.

 We hope you have a busy and successful 2014 season.

 Yours Faithfully,








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